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Thank you for helping out with this charity for my aunt.

If you would like to request me to draw something for you please send an email including what you would like me to draw for you (if it's a character/logo/etc. please provide a description) to this address:

Don't Know What to Order? Here Are Some Suggestions:

  1. Cartoon interpretation of you child or grandchild (or any family member or friend)
  2. A scene from a story you're writing (I recommend this)
  3. Custom Cards (Be it get well cards or business cards/personal cards)
  4. Custom poster designs
  5. An O.C (Original character (typically for stories))
  6. Fliers (for clubs/tag sales/parties, etc)
  7.  Logos
  8.  Cartoon interpretation of the host and guests of children's parties 
  9. Cartoon interpretation of yourself for your avatar (Facebook/Youtube, etc.)
  10.  Drawing of yourself bending the elements (from Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  11. Chibi version of yourself

Please consider one of these and help contribute to this charity.

Methods of Payment:

I accept PayPal and Money Orders only (but I may make an exception for checks).

You can either get a sketch and colored drawing, an inked one (without any color), or an inked and colored drawing.

Thank you so much for visiting this blog and helping out with the charity for my Aunt Jacqueline.
Your support is greatly appreciated,


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