Monday, December 17, 2012

Quick Sketch of the Day

Hi Guys,

Here's my QSoD. Yes, it's yet another book character from a series that I'm reading. He's from the same book as yesterday's QSoD. The name of the book series is Maximum Ride by James Patterson. In the course of three days I've read the first three books (so, yeah I'm pretty addicted). In the book there's a group of children who were genetically altered with avian (bird) DNA as infants so they have wings (and extremely light bones). I believe this is the first time I've successfully drawn wings (so yay for me!).
This kid's name is Iggy. He's blind but I haven't mastered that glazed-over-eyes thing yet (or at least I didn't really try all that hard today). I was working on inking and coloring him tonight and I was going to post it but it's getting a little late so I'll present you with the sketch first.

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