Friday, June 14, 2013

For Those Who Know the Doctor's Daughter...

Hey Guys,

I'm not entirely sure how many people who watch Doctor Who pass by my charity blog, but for those who are familiar with at least David Tennant, this is officially my third DW fan art. I woke up one morning and went directly to my computer to draw this before I went to school. I really don't know why it popped up into my head but I'm glad it happened.
For fans of this show, please remember that Skiddish Art is a business that I created based on commissions. The money goes towards my goal to buy a handicapped van for my quadriplegic aunt. With that in mind, I am open to doing original characters or drawings with yourself (or a friend/child) as the Doctor, a companion, or any other Doctor Who related theme. Please consider it. It's an awesome thing to have and the money helps a person. =)

Here are the prices: Contact Page
And more information on my charity: What This Charity Is About


Credit for the paper texture behind the TARDIS design goes to Sycra Yasin:

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