Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Quick Sketch of the Day + New Year = New Changes

Hi Guys,

So it's 2013! And how do I kick it off? You guessed it, with more fan art... -_-
(Gazzy from Maximum Ride)

New Changes:

So, if you didn't already know, everyday for a months I've been posting a new drawing to this blog (hoping something sill spark your attention and you'd order a commission). Well I'm seeing now, with school and all, that's not really working for me. It's been a bit stressful and I haven't had all that much time to really spread the word about this charity.
So, here's my plan:

  • Instead of having a new drawing everyday it will become every week. However, unlike the one sketch a day, I'll be posting (on average) about three or four drawings every time I post.

  • Then, as I said last year, I would show you some things you never saw before.Well, what I'm planning on doing is way more drawings of actual people (i.e. not characters from my mind) and showing you the pictures of the people side by side with my drawing. I did this once when I drew a chibi drawing of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow (click here). But now it will be more consistent. Hopefully it will give you guys confidence in me to order a commission to help with my charity.

  • Lastly, I'll be drawing myself (with side by side pics) more often. So, yeah, you get to see my face (yay).
So those are pretty much all the changes so far. Anymore and I'll update you. But please look into ordering a commission and helping my aunt out. Check out the info about what this charity is about and look into ordering something, please. If you need some ideas (I got you covered) click here.

Visit the Contact Page for more information on how to request a drawing!
Please tell every one you know about this charity and help me help my aunt!
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