Thursday, October 11, 2012

Quick PIRATE of the Day (Inked and colored)

Shiver Me Timbers, ARRGGHH!!

Haha, so as you can see I decided to draw a chibi version of Captain Jack Sparrow. I'm also proud that I can rightfully call it a quick sketch because this only took me about an hour to do (to ink and color it). The sketch itself took about three minutes.

I also wanted to upload a few more things but my brother isn't doing too well right now (and since he's on the couch and I'm in my room I want to get back to him).
So feel free to tell me if you liked this or recommend character to draw.

But don't forget! If you want me to draw you (or a friend/family member) in this style (or any of my other styles) you know where to go. Just click on the Contact Page and you'll get all the information on where to send a pic of yourself. 
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