Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Have Been DECEIVED!!

Hi Guys,

So when I turned thirteen in December I got a Facebook account for Skiddish Art and a Youtube account as well. However I was holding off on a Deviant Art account because my brother told me the required age was fourteen. Well I was on Deviant Art today I was reading the Terms of Service and what not when I just had the desire to Google how old you have to be. Well... it turns out you can join when you're thirteen years old! My brother didn't lie to me though, hehe. I'm pretty sure the age requirement just changed since then. =)
Here's the profile pic I'm using for my account.
It doesn't look totally like me... but it will make do. One day I really have to show you guys a picture of myself. =)

By the way, feel free to visit my DA page. It's: KassieC.deviantart.com

Visit the Contact Page for more information on how to request a drawing!

Please tell every one you know about this charity and help me help my aunt!
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