Sunday, November 11, 2012

(Old) Quick Sketch Colored

Hi Guys,

I drew a QSoD a while back this month and I decided to just color it today. I came back from a children's book fair because there was a little side event where we had lunch with four authors then they did a panel so I'm tired now at the end of the day (and on top of that I'm sick). But I was happy to be there and speak to one of the authors of The 39 Clues (I did past drawings from that) and I got to see Maria from Sesame Street! She was there also promoting her book and it was really cool to see her. I didn't recognize her at first but my mom told me who she was when she saw her so I was like "Woah! You're right!! That's Maria!".
My brother and I go to a lot of these types of things so we're always getting cool opportunities to meet different people. A few years ago at a college close to where we live they were having an interview with Jane Goodall and I remember bringing my third grade school book (it had a little section about her) for her to sign it. It was a great experience. Then another time there was another author promoting her book (one that my mom was a fan of). Though it's a real privilege to be able to have so many events on writing in my area (since my brother and I love writing) today a thought came to mind. It would be so cool if we could have more things like this but for art. I really only remember having about two art events in my area (and they were very small things done at the local library). I'm hoping that one day when I advance a little bit more in my art and get a little bit older I can have my own art events. I'd really love to just take a moment to talk to kids like me about the beauty, diversity, and my own personal love of art. And I'm pretty sure I'd get at least a few people to come. Perhaps if I ever do that I can video tape the courses and share it with you guys!

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