Monday, November 19, 2012

I Missed a Day...

Hi Guys,

So if you're familiar with this blog, you'll know that I posted a "quick sketch of the day" everyday and I had been doing that for 90 days straight. But yesterday I didn't post one and it's all the fault of McDonald's... K, so let me explain what happened:
Yesterday my whole family and I took a three hour drive to Boston, MA for a program called "Splash" they host every year at MIT. My brother was taking a few classes on various things (and each class was hours long) so we were there for a while. We were up by 6:00 AM and left by 7:30 and arrived at around 11:00. However, I knew we would be there for most of the day so the day before I drew a couple pictures so that when I got home I could upload them quickly and go to bed. After my brother was done with all his classes it was about 7ish at night and we hadn't eaten since the morning. So we kind of unanimously voted for McDonald's. The problem was we didn't know our way around Boston. We probably searched for half an hour (found an IHOP and the world's only Curious George store) but never saw a McDonald's . By that time we were hopelessly lost (since we wandered so far away from the university) and it took us 'till around 9:00 PM before we finally made our way back to the correct road. By that time I knew it was kind of hopeless because it would be a three hour drive home which would take me to 12:00 AM so we found a McDonalds off the side of the highway. It took them about 10 minutes before we actually got our food since everybody working there was half asleep and fumbling around. By the time we got back home it was 12:30. On any other occasion I would probably have gotten seriously upset and wouldn't be able to sleep but at that point I was so tired I thought about it once, sighed, then welcomed my warm and cozy bed.
The saddest part is I had my drawings done already but I just didn't make it back in time to upload them... My perfect record was marred that day all because of a stupid fast food chain. And to make matters worse once I got my food I didn't even like it. The people working there were nice enough to give us a huge supply of fries because we had to wait (and I hope they gave the guy waiting behind us got his food for free) but it tasted like they dumped the entire bucket of salt on them so I didn't even eat mine. But my brother had find so it was worth it. Plus, I got to take a picture with a giant beaver (mascot) which I'll probably draw a cartoon version of and post on here some day.
All things considered, it's okay that I missed a day. This doesn't directly effect the charity for my aunt so it comes without consequence but it still makes me feel like I failed... oh well. =/

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