Saturday, November 10, 2012

Yesterday's QSoD Colored

Hi Guys,

So if you had a chance to read yesterday's post you'll know I didn't talk about that sketch much because I was going to be late for something. But anyways, I colored it today and I'll explain what it's about.

Okay, so the name of the picture is called Adam's Sin a.k.a If Only (I couldn't really choose between the two. The main motive of the drawing is just about regret in general. The younger version of Adam is right when he was cast out from the Garden of Eden. Then the faded version is his older self just before his death. He's looking back at his life and thinking: "If only I didn't do that...". However the picture to you could mean anything else. It could mean "If only I did that" or "If only I stayed", etc., etc.
I always loved doing these types of drawings that made you think about yourself and not just the person in the drawing. I think that's the best type of drawing.

I hope you enjoyed this! =)

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