Thursday, August 9, 2012

Art For a Cause

Hi there,

Welcome to Skiddish Art! 

My name's Kassie.
I'm 12 years old and art is my passion.
Though art and I have been in an on again/ off again relationship, we've finally found common ground, and are happily bonded together.

What This Blog's About:

Well, I started this blog - yes, for my art, but also - for my aunt. Let me explain,
My Aunt - Jacqueline - for seven years now has been battling cancer located in her spine. Though she's been put through countless treatments, my Aunt Jacqueline has been paralyzed in almost every part of her body. So, you can only imagine how hard doctor's appointments are.. Right?
Well, it's bad. Even though so much damage has been done, however, there are some things that can still make it easier for her. My family and I starting with a van. A van made exclusively for people who are paralyzed just like my aunt.
So, we've finally made it to why this blog is here. To get her that van, we're going to need the sufficient funds, no doubt. What I want to do is sell my art to you guys. Unfortunately, a lot of people aren't going to want to pay money just so that they can select from a few pieces everybody has... So, that's why, I'm doing commissions. You tell me what to draw, I draw it for you, and the money I earn goes into the charity for my Aunt.

 More Ways You Can Help:

It means so much to my family and I when a person reaches out to help, but one person won't get us very far. Please, tell everybody you know about this. Tell your, parent's tell your kids, tell your schoolmates and your workmates, tell your pets if they can spare some money! Spread the word about this charity, and help me help my Aunt Jacqueline!


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