Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Landscape/ Quick Sketch of the Day + Commission Info

Hi guys,

I'm kicking off the day with a quick sketch I did (I'll post one every day) and a landscape done on my tablet a few days ago.

The sketch took me about 5 minutes to do and is of nobody in particular - just practicing head positions and different versions of facial features. Plus, I've been trying to draw a little more in this style as it's typically good to use for commissions (of course I'll spiff it up a little bit, this is just a doodle with the general sense of the style).

Next is a landscape I did (digital painting). Landscapes aren't my forte however I will be practicing them a little more now should I ever get a commission with a difficult background. My inspiration to actually paint a landscape came from staying up at 12:00 am watching Bob Ross videos. I'm actually amazed it took me this long to discover him. But, now that I have... :D

Commission Info:

So I am officially taking commissions now. To send a request please send an email to:

I will respond as soon as possible. Please help support this charity, every dollar I earn will go towards my aunt's van until the goal is reached.


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