Friday, August 31, 2012

Quick Sketch of the Day

Hi Guys,

So here's my QSoD. This is just a random O.C (original character). He kind of has a Star Trek vibe coming off of him. Maybe he's a cross between Spock and Captain Kirk (haha). Anyways, this was just a little doodle that popped up into my mind when I accidentally made the jaw line too thin. Actually, this is one thing that I absolutely love  about art. It's not whether or not you make a mistake that makes a masterpiece or a disaster... it's how you deal with that slip of the hand that brings out the true beauty of the art piece. For instance, some times I'll be trying to draw a cat and instead it turns into hippo.... but it's a beautiful hippo. Some of my best drawings have been the work of an accident. But the thing is: if I had just scrapped them all I would have no masterpieces to show. So, that's why whenever you do something artistically (it could be drawing or writing or even music) you mustn't ever be worried about how anatomically correct it is or how accurate the colors are (though those things are important) if you're too busy being a technical artist and not a free spirited one... you'll never have anything worth while to show for it.

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