Sunday, August 26, 2012

Quick Sketch of the Day

Hi Guys,

So here's my QSoD. I decided to do a 're-imagined' version of Shaggy. It's sloppy and the coloring job is a mess but I did it in 10 minutes so... I think it came out presentable.
For some strange reason, whenever I draw a popular character, I always feel the need to write his name out. I guess it's because a lot of the time people can't actually tell who I drew (haha). In fact, I was going to leave him just black and white but I thought of that and I colored him in really fast.
I used to draw popular characters from TV shows more when I was younger then stopped to do more original characters. For instance, I did a picture of Binky Barnes from Arthur. The popular kid's show on PBS. Or Matt from Cyberchase (also on PBS). Then a few times I would attempt to draw Spongebob but I always failed miserably (and he's such an easy character too).
Maybe someday I'll put together an entire slide show of my old drawings leading up to my current ones to see how much I've progressed. I might also do a 'Draw This Again' meme. It's where you take one of your favorite pictures (or at least one that you loved when you were younger) and re-draw it with the epic new skills you acquired over the years. I was actually working on one maybe a month before I started the blog, but, I'll do a different one anyway.

Your Suggestions:

I don't typically get comments on the blog, but, if you have any ideas feel free to leave it down in the comment section below. Perhaps you could ask me to do a speedpaint or a short little tutorial on something you would like to learn. Anything, I'm open to hearing about it. But don't forget to order a commission while you're at it! Every cent earned goes towards the charity for my aunt. And please tell everybody you know about this charity. Whether you email them a link, post it on facebook, tell your class, I really don't care. But please help spread the word around and help me help my aunt!

Send A Request:

To send a request for a commission, email me what you would like me to draw for you to:

If you would like to know the prices or read some suggestions on what to order, click on the links below.

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