Saturday, August 25, 2012

Quick Sketch of the Day(Inked) + Good News + Commission Suggestions

Hi Guys,

So I thought I'd mix things up a bit and ink today's quick sketch the way I inked 'Aqua Blade'. This is actually an inking of an old sketch that I did a month ago. He's an archer practicing in the water.

I didn't put as much effort into this as I normally do but... ah well, I hope you guys like it.

In Other News:

My Aunt went to the mall today. It's great that she can get out of her bed and do something fun but, still, getting into that car is still a hassle. Please help out with the charity to get her that van. You just need to request that I draw one picture for you. It could be of anything (within reason of course) and I will draw it for you. Every dollar, every penny, goes into the charity. So please tell everybody you know to help out!

Commission Suggestions:

So maybe a few of you can't think of what you want me to draw. Well, there are a lot of options.
The following are a few my family and I thought of:

  1. Cartoon interpretation of you child or grandchild (or any family member or friend
  2. A scene from a story you're writing (I recommend this)
  3. Custom Cards (Be it get well cards or business cards/personal cards)
  4. Custom poster designs
  5. An O.C (Original character (typically for stories))
  6. Fliers (for clubs/tag sales/parties, etc)
  7. 1. Logos
    2. Cartoon interpretation of the host and guests of children's parties
    3. Cartoon interpretation of yourself for your avatar (Facebook/Youtube, etc.)
These are just six options but the possibilities are endless. If you think of any more send me an email.
Any more that I think of I'll post. =)

Send A Request:

Send a request for a commission to:

Please donate to this charity and help me help my aunt!


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