Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Quick Sketch of the day + Yesterday's QSoD Inked

Hi Guys,

So here's my QSoD. For the first time I named my QSoD because I drew it with a meaning. I call it: Defiance. 
Now if you don't understand, I have something that will help. Okay, first, put yourself in her place and imagine. Imagine anybody - anybody you know, anybody you refuse to bend to - and imagine him asking you or... demanding you... to do what you cannot do. Imagine, though, what you'll lose if you don't do it: Your money, your reputation, your friends. You begin to question your choice and, little by little, you can feel him taking hold of you and bending you. But, all of the sudden you start to remember the little things that make up you.You start to imagine what it would be like to lose those things. What you would lose if you bent (even just a little): Your heart, your mind... your conscience. Slowly you start prying his hands off of you and twisting yourself back in place until it boils back down to the place you started: Put yourself in her place and think about what you'll do...  now think about why I named this picture what I named it.

And if you still don't understand at this point... you will someday.

Yesterday's QSoD Inked:

Okay, so I finished the inking of the cute sketch that I did yesterday. It certainly took me longer to do than the sketch but not quite as long as it would have a few months ago. People have been noticing lately just how quickly I draw (great reason to order a commission). That's why instead of naming it a Sketch of the Day it became a Quick Sketch of the Day because it seriously doesn't take me that long to do it. I think the logic behind it is my understanding of what I'm drawing. For instance, with hands, it can take me up to half an hour working on hands alone (since I focus on the anatomy of the hand so intensely) however with a head I go: circle, three sticks, and connect them with some squiggly lines.. BOOM I'm done.
But the reason it took me so long to do this is not because I didn't understand it, though. It's because of: 1. The size of the picture, and 2. The way I colored it in. I had to match all the right shades and colors with the outlines and the shading itself.
Also, I've only used this type of coloring one other time (Aqua Blade) so I like how it turned out.

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