Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Hi Guys,

So yesterday I did a Minecraft fan art but I said to myself: "How could I do a fan art of my favorite game without doing a fan art of my favorite show??"
So I decided to (extremely) quickly doodle this fan art for The Legend of Korra.

I wasn't going to ink it originally so that's why it's slightly sloppy.
In addition to that this is the first time I've ever even attempted to draw her. Because of that I wasn't going to try drawing it in the original style of the show. I changed a few things so that it's more of my own rendition.
Coloring and shading came out alright but the fire isn't all that (pun totally intended) hot.
I think the next time I do her I'll probably add a lot more of my usual style and not rely so much on the character sheet I was studying. Anatomically speaking I think I would change a lot from the original style for my second fan art. Perhaps I'll do a different character... Bolin? Mako?... Tenzin?? Ideas are now swelling up in my head. :]
Anyways, I hope you liked this. But remember this is a charity for my aunt. I'm doing commissions for other people so in return they'll donate to help buy my Aunt Jacqueline the van made for the paralyzed.
Maybe I could draw a picture of you bending an element? It would be fun and you'd be helping out with a charity.
All you have to do is hop on over to the Contact Page and send me an email.

EDIT: I made a slight adjustment to her face and lighting so I re-wrote the signature for 10/25/12 instead of 10/24/12 (when this was posted).

Send A Request:

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Please tell every one you know about this charity and help me help my aunt!
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