Friday, October 26, 2012

Quick Sketch of the Day

Hi Guys,

So I was working on a project today but I saw that it wasn't going to get finished in time so I started doodling something else but that turned in to a project that wasn't going to get finished in time either. So by this point I'm rushing to try to draw something but I'm not really sure what I should draw but it turns out I don't have enough time to draw anything anyway. Then I remembered that I drew something about a week ago. This was my own personal drawing that I wasn't going to share but I figured it's alright to present it.

The story behind this is: When I was little (probably about 5 or 6) I would draw these anti-smoking posters all the time. I started to feel so strongly about it that once when I was at the park I walked up to this random - creepy - guy who was smoking and told him it was bad for his lungs.... I was pretty devoted.
Now, I'm not that bold anymore. However I was feeling kinda nostalgic and thought back to when I used to do that. Naturally, this kind of just... happened.

So what the picture is about is a girl (still in school) who was only going to "try it". But she got hooked, it ruined her life, her family's distraught, et cetera, et cetera.

This will probably go on my list of things to color (which is piling up quickly) and I'll show it to you guys when it's done.
Hope you enjoyed it. =)

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