Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Quick Sketch of the Day (Experimentation with backgrounds)

Hi guys,

So for today's QSoD I colored it and tried out something new with backgrounds. Typically for my Quick Sketches I only present the subject but I figured I should try diversifying. It's just a simple background for a head shot. For full body's I do an actual scene (which you will see demonstrated in a day or two).

I think it's good to try out more designs for head shots so I can give you guys more variety when you order one of these for the charity.
Perhaps tomorrow I'll try out a different one. So look out for it! =)

Another thing I was working on today was use of different tones for my shading. Typically I just match whatever tone I'm shading and bring it down to a darker color. That I did for the hair and the shirt however for the skin I decided to use a different color altogether. I'm actually happy with the results because I think it adds a certain feel to the picture. Of course this is only a head shot but it kind of gives you an idea to what type of scene is taking place. Perhaps he's in a room with a reddish hue...? Or maybe it's just his shirt reflecting off of him...? There are a lot of options and that's exactly what I like about it. You can use these hues to mold the feel to your liking. For instance, if I were to draw a picture of a person who's in a snowy area (or a generally cold place) I most likely would not shade or highlight with a reddish color. Instead I'd probably use a tone in the blue family. So I'll definitely be using these tones more often also.

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