Monday, September 3, 2012

Quick Sketch of the Day + Project for Tomorrow

Hi Guys,

So here's my QSoD. I was inspired by another artist to do this one (position I mean).
It's funny, I did this sketch while listening to music (like I always do) but it's funny how influential music can be. Typically when I draw a happy picture it's because I'm listening to a happy song or when I draw a sad picture... sad song. But sometimes I draw a picture yet the lyrics of the song I'm listen have nothing to do with the picture but if I listen closely to the instrumental I can actually understand how I ended up with that picture. This sketch that I did above I actually drew it while listening to a song from a movie called "Not One of Us" also known as the "Exile" song in the movie. The lyrics would most likely make an artist draw an intense scene (almost sad) yet I ended up drawing this. However, I looked back at the instrumental and it's actually not that surprising that I drew this.

Project for Tomorrow:

So considering what I just talked about I was thinking of something fun that I could do tomorrow.
I'm going to draw a series of sketches and each one will have a different song I'll be listening to. It'll be neat to see how the setting of the music can influence my art. In fact, if you guys want to do it too then go right ahead. You can make three different pictures.
First: Draw a picture while listening to a happy (almost nostalgic) song.
Second: Draw one listening to a sad (almost depressing) song.
Third: Draw one listening to a fast paced (action or fight scene) song.

This will be a fun project for anybody (artist or not). When you're done with your pictures feel free to tell me what you drew and to what songs you used in the comment section for tomorrow's post.

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