Friday, September 14, 2012

Quick Sketch of the Day (Second Villain)

Hi Guys,

So here's my villain QSoD. His name is Lee:

Lee wasn't just raised on the streets... the streets raised him. One day when he was three years old his parents abandoned him outside of a gas station. He couldn't remember his last name (only his first) so he's known simply as Lee. A couple of thugs picked him up when they realized what had happened and raised him as.. well.. they raised him as a tool. Lee was trained to do the small (but important) jobs the head of the gang couldn't worry about. He couldn't go to school but he got an education of weapons. When he was sixteen he designed his own duel axes and taught himself how to use them effectively in battle. Now Lee is a very street smart - very dangerous - twenty year old.

So that's my bio for Lee. If I may say so myself (as been there done that as it is) Lee's story was pretty neat. There's way more where that's from though. Tomorrow instead of doing another villain I'll be doing a hero. He (or she) I'll make an amateur then as my project goes on I'll make them better and better with better bios. Then who knows? Maybe I'll write a short story when all this is done. =)

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