Thursday, September 20, 2012

Quick Sketch of the Day (Hero)

Hi Guys,

So here's my QSoD. His name is Mason:
Mason was a sixteen year old from South Africa. Involved in a car accident his mother and father died when he was four years old. Being raised by his ten year old brother James was hard but that was the world Mason lived in and through time Mason learned to adjust to it. On the night of his fifth year being orphaned James was out of the house for only seven minutes when Mason heard the gun shot. Caught in the crossfire of a violent dispute James died. Since then Mason truly was an orphan. One year later when Mason turned ten he stumbled across the house of an elder in his tribe. Introducing himself as Baruti he offered to give the boy a home and Mason accepted the offer. Mason and Baruti grew exceptionally close over the years but as he lived with Baruti he soon realized Baruti wasn't all he seemed to be. One night Mason sneaked into Baruti's room while he was out of the house and discovered a note left on his night stand. It read:
"My dear Mason,
It has been an honor having you as my son but that's not all you were. I'm deeply sorry I could not tell you this face to face I have been called away. This you must know: we have selected you to be the next wielder. Don't worry boy, in time you will find out who 'we' are. But for now please read this very carefully..." The rest of the letter explained Baruti was one of the five Seekers. He had been searching for the One (or Mason) for years and finally he found him that one day. Mason swallowed the fact that he was meant to wield the Bird's Staff. Something he had heard about only in legends. "The worthy," His father used to say, "The Bird's Staff would choose to protect Africa and the world." Of course Mason hadn't believed it as a child but as he finished the note he proceeded to the closet door (as the note instructed). A faint blue light began pulsating as Mason drew closer and he could feel an energy moving all throughout him. There, in the closet, was something Mason never dreamed of coming in to his tragic life. It was the Bird's Staff.
The last few words the letter Baruti wrote said were: "Right thee wrongs. Prevent the things that happened to you from happening to others. Follow this path and we will meet again my dear Mason."

So that was my bio for Mason. This is actually my longest bio I've ever done for my Hero/Villain one week project. I didn't even bother properly coloring this one because I'm itching to ink and color it (which I will do if not tomorrow the next day). I hoped you guys liked it. =)
By the way Baruti actually means teacher (and yes I looked it up).

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