Friday, September 28, 2012

Quick Sketch of the Day (Colored)

Hi Guys,

So here's my QSoD. I was sketching him out then I decided to sloppily color him in (by the way coloring in Sketchbook Pro is a nightmare).

So every time you guys see a QSoD it's drawn (on my drawing tablet) on a program called Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. It's a great program fro sketching out characters, scenes, portraits, etc. But when it comes to coloring... it really is a nightmare. Everything's sloppy and it's hard to know which tool will make a desired effect (sometime's it doesn't even have said tool). So whenever you see a picture that's been inked and colored it's been done on a program called Sai. It's amazing for coloring and inking (since it has the pen tool) and the blur tool works much better than the blur tool on Sketchboook, and on I Sai I get way more layer options. However Sai isn't as good for sketching like Sketchbook Pro is. So I do the guidlines on SB however I do all my line art and coloring (and, without a doubt, shading) on Sai.
But today I scribbled a two minute doodle and I figured it wasn't important enough to drag over to Sai so I just colored it on Sketchbook (which was a pain..).

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