Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Quick Sketch of the Day (Sad)

Hi Guys,

So this is the second of the three pictures that I'm doing. If you didn't read the first post I'm drawing three pictures while listening to three different songs. 1 happy (yesterday's) 1 sad (today) and one action type song (tomorrow). I'm doing it to show how music can effect art.
Here's the name of the song I used (sorry my computer is acting up and I can't link it): Dango Daikazoku

The song itself may seem weird to you guys but what it's associated with is sad so it makes me sad.
By the way the boy has a high fever and is dying in his father's arms.
I actually started out not knowing at all what I was going to draw when I was listening to the song then all of the sudden after the chorus this kind of came out.

Tomorrow I will do the last picture Action.

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