Thursday, September 27, 2012

Quick Sketch of the Day In Motion + Please Help Out With This Charity

Hi guys,

So today for my QSoD I decided to choose one of my poses again and I chose this one which I dubbed: Just Another Morning Walk:

So I beleev dis is tha ferst
anyways I believe this is the first time I've ever done a character in motion (hence the post's title). I never really practice walking (I used to but stopped) but when I had that artistic explosion and I created my Great Wall of Poses this was one that came to mind.
I kind of like this drawing because it looks like such a typical scene:
Old guy with loong legs walking while wearing that typical jogging shirt with the puffy sleeves and (of course) a comb over (because it wouldn't be complete without a comb over).
Tomorrow I probably won't use another one of my poses. I want to get more on my wall so I can show it to you guys one of these days (if any artists are reading this you can you use it as a reference also).

Busy With A Contest:

So 13 y/o has been treating me well however it means that I'm going to start losing me eligibility for a lot of contests and stuff. Speaking of which, I was super busy thinking of a subject for a contest that's due in two days. I had two months to do it but I neglected it for a month then when I started this charity I completely put it out of my mind (but I still really want to enter). It's a book themed contest which means I have to draw a picture inspired from any book. When I first heard about it I chose to do a drawing inspired by my favorite book series called Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins. Once I submit it (and the deadline has been reached) I'll post the picture on here. So look out for it.

Remember This Is A Charity:

By the way, guys, I'm almost up to 40 posts already so the original post (which give all the information on what this charity is about) is starting to get farther farther down the list of posts so you guys may not be able to just click on it anymore. So please remember to check it out (the link is at the end of this post). I always link it but just as a reminder click on it because it has extremely important information. Also, if you'd like to order a commission to help out with the charity, here are some suggestions on what you might like to order (and what could be useful for you): Click Me
And here's the commission chart (prices): Click Me Too
I'm glad that you guys read my posts but remember: This charity will go nowhere if you don't order a commission. So please think about it and tell your friends and family!! =)

Send A Request:

To send a request for a commission, send an email including what you would like me to draw for you to:

Please tell every one you know about this charity and help me help my aunt!

(Read the first post here: Art For A Cause)
(Visit our Facebook Page here: Skiddish Art Facebook Page and don't forget to hit Like so we can gain some attention)


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