Sunday, September 16, 2012

Quick Sketch of the Day (Second Hero)

Hi Guys,

Meet Harvey:

He came from a rich family, rich neighborhood, and a rich life. Harvey had everything he needed and he was happy. It wasn't the money that gave him that completeness - no - but his family and friends. Harvey grew up learning you do whatever you can for family and neighbors. If you could help you did. One night, though, a fire started in Harvey's mansion after he had invited some friends over. His brother, father, and two friends scrambled to put it out but it was spreading too fast. What they didn't know at the time, however, was that it was Harvey who had set it and kept making it grow. By the time the firemen came Harvey was the only survivor of the fire. He hadn't meant for it to happen. In fact he didn't know how it happened. But Harvey realized if he didn't control his powers he wouldn't be helping his family and neighbors... he'd only be killing them. So after vigorous training, Harvey set out on a long journey to find true control. On his way there, though, he's going to encounter some obstacles. But it will be these obstacles that will give Harvey the chance to redeem himself and save lives he couldn't save before.

So I thought about that as I wrote it (probably obvious) but like I said yesterday: I made a better bio and a cooler character. Tomorrow I might do another villain or perhaps one of the mandatory civilians that helps with the plot line (i.e. Lois Lane).

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