Monday, September 17, 2012

Quick Sketch of the Day (Civilian)

Hi Guys,

So here's my civilian for my hero/villain project. His name is Hugh:

Hugh was just a normal skater. He roamed around town with his friends and he went to school. There was nothing before or after that. But one day he took another road to get back home. Off in the distance he could see the faint outline of smoke. However there was something wrong with that smoke. It seemed to be glowing a sickly color of green. As he drew closer to it he started to realize among that smoke was a person - no not just a person - a hero. That hero's name was Ra. Named after an Egyptian god he was sent from Egypt, along with a few others dispatched all around the world, to warn to warn the people of an ancient evil coming to attack the earth. Hugh was dumbfounded by his new knowledge but he agreed to help Ra with a task. Given to Hugh was the Sword of Ra. It alone could protect the earth from the evil descending down upon it. Ra didn't expect Hugh to save the world - no that was his job - but for the moment he needed Hugh to keep it safe. This was a great responsibility but one Ra had faith Hugh (the chosen one of the sword) could carry out.

So my plots are getting more interesting aren't they? I'll do deeper ones as I go along. Tomorrow for sure I'll do another villain. Most likely I'll tie it into this one and do the "Ancient Evil".

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